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They are strategic and analytical studies of the various sectors related to the cultures and religions of Middle Eastern societies and their customs and traditions, especially Arab ones.
As well as managing the humanitarian and relief work for these societies that suffer from crises, wars and forced displacement,
As well as evaluating the performance of civil society organizations and charitable societies operating in the (NGOs) and measuring their impact in the camps and places of migration and displacement.

Middle Eastern Studies Projects

  • An integrated study for the preparation of a guide to investment opportunities in the Syria Republic in favor of the Syrian Investment Authority, and financed by the Islamic For the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit.
    The guide contains 100 brief feasibility study for the projects fit with needs of the five geographical regions in Syria and help investors to take the right investment decision, as well as an introduction to the Syrian economy.
  • An integrated study for the preparation of a program of outreach within the vision of the Ministry of Tourism included a field survey(questionnaires, in-depth interviews, focus group) for different categories of Syrian society with direct contact with tourists, has been dependence on the results in the designing a national awareness campaign and scheduling time in a systematic and thoughtful.
  • A study and survey of the small market of financing in Syria, in favor of The Bank of credit in collaboration with The Egyptian Company QFI and C Gap of The United Nations.

For public and private bodies. Of which we mention:

1. Industrial Society Magazine (Aleppo, the capital of Islamic Culture).

2. Al-Thawra Newspaper: The subjects raised in these questionnaires are:

– a Survey of the Syrian economy in2005

– Private and government cars

– Corruption in Syria

– public and private universities in Syria

– Visible and audible media

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