Successful management is the basis for the any project or institution success.
In addition, the problems experienced by institutions and companies may be for financial and marketing reasons, But its failure to reach its goals and achieve its plans may be more administrative and structural reasons; Such as high labor turnover, low morale, poor productivity, and workers ’dissatisfaction with management and work. In addition, the defect may be in the administrative structure of the institution that needs development and engineering or reorganization and restructuring.

As well as other problems arising from the inappropriate legal form of the company
Ownership, partnership, and stakeholder conflicts. Acquisitions and mergers, or the conversion of individual institutions and family companies into joint stock companies and their incorporation into the stock market.

In addition to the challenges faced by institutions and companies in the field of development in order to be able to keep pace with the rapid changes in the business world and market fluctuations “renewed or dissipated.

.. These reasons, all of them or some of them, may be a positive and urgent necessity to request advice and analysis of works in order to help them in solving previous problems and making rational decision.

Management and Business Analysis Projects

– Transforming the legal status of all kinds of
companies (joint stock, partnership, limited partnership…..) or merging according to the desire of the investor, transferring the companies into a joint stock company in order to register it in the stock market.
More than two group of industrial Companies have been converted and merged ,in each of the Governorates of Homes and Aleppo.
– Establishing companies, financial institutions and private banks (at present, a feasibility study for establishing a private bank is being conducted).
– Analyzing fiduciary risks for some
industrial companies and financial institutions.

  • house of expertise includes a group of economic, tourist, legal, administrative and technical experts and consultants of high experience and efficiency (16 full time specialized employees, most of them are masters and PhD holders) in addition to cooperation with expertsofinternationalhousesofexperienceand a number of specialized surveyors of high international experience in the governorates. They are more than 35 surveyors and trainers.
  • The achievements of most important economic studies of house of expertise:      
  •   1-A feasibility study for The project of international road network pursuant to (B.O.T) system in favor of The Public Establishment of Road Communications (Ministry of Transport) in cooperation with The American Parsons company according to the following stages:

– The study of origin and destinations.

– Organizational and institutional aspects.

– Study of market and public opinion (survey of drivers, survey of companies.

– Analysis of financial feasibility.

– Analysis of sensitivity and risks.


1:  A detailed marketing field studies for the paint market in Syria ( Cars , Furniture’s ,Home décor ,Marine paint ,etc.. in favor of the Japanese company kanzai which included all the provinces in Syria.

2: A study of governance between reality and ambition in the governorates of Qunaiterah, swaida’a and dara in favour of the ministry of local administration and environment in cooperation with the united nations development fund for women (unifem).

3: A study and survey of the small market of financing in Syria, in favor of The Bank of credit in collaboration with The Egyptian Company QFI and C Gap of The United Nations.

4: A study of The most marginal region in Syria, in fovour of The public women’s union and identifying the priorities of training courses for each region in Syria and discovering The pioneers and developing them in the most marginal regions.

5: A detailed marketing study for bottled water in Syria in favour of the General Establishment of Food Industries.

6: A feasibility study and a series of value for the workshop of oriental garments in Sahel AL-Doo (Palmyra) in favour the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.

7: A study of job satisfaction for the employees and the administration of State Planning Agency.

8: An integrated study for the preparation of a program of outreach within the vision of the Ministry of Tourism included a field survey(questionnaires, in-depth interviews, focus group) for different categories of Syrian society with direct contact with tourists, has been dependence on the results in the designing a national awareness campaign and scheduling time in a systematic and thoughtful.

• Rehabilitation of the industrial public sector in Syria

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