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Studies of education economics and research concerned with the sectors of education and investment in human capital and address its issues in economic, social and administrative aspects, and study the feasibility of educational and training programs in universities, schools and scientific academies and measure the return and cost of these projects.
These studies address investment in human capital at the level of individuals who want to invest in themselves and measure the return on their education and spending or borrowing for it, and the cost-benefit calculations for the different stages of education.

As well as for various educational institutions such as universities and schools, and at the macroeconomic level for countries and societies, and any professions and disciplines that need them, and we have to go to them and invest in them depending on their rates of return in the different stages.

Economics of Education Projects

• Integrated study and economic feasibility study for a university hospital and faculty of medicine in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
• Feasibility study for a private school complex in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
• Feasibility study and design for the Human Building Academy in Saudi Arabia, Makkah
• Feasibility study for a higher tourism training institute
• Feasibility study for an environmental training institute
• Rehabilitating the education sector and solving the unemployment problem in Syria
• Economics of educating the displaced Syrians

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