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Studies for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or to expand existing projects. It is a set of integrated studies: marketing study, technical study & human resources, financial study, Economic evaluation and sensitivity and risk analyses; they collectively form an integrated business plan based on accurate economic and financial indicators. To judge the success of the project since its inception until the end of its useful life.

Most Important Economic Studies Projects

1: A feasibility study for The project of international road network pursuant to (B.O.T) system in favor of The Public Establishment of Road Communications (Ministry of Transport) in cooperation with The American Parsons company according to the following stages:

– The study of origin and destinations.

– Organizational and institutional aspects.

– Study of market and public opinion (survey of drivers, survey of companies.

– Analysis of financial feasibility.

– Analysis of sensitivity and risks.

– Feasibility study.

2:  An integrated study for the preparation of a guide to investment opportunities in the Syria Republic in favor of the Syrian Investment Authority, and financed by the Islamic For the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit.                            

 The guide contains 100 brief feasibility study for the projects fit with needs of the five geographical regions in Syria and help investors to take the right investment decision, as well as an introduction to the Syrian economy.                                            

A study of job satisfaction for the employees and the administration of State Planning Agency.

3:  A feasibility Study for a full renovation of the printing Machine at Tishreen News Paper.

4:  A feasibility study and a series of value for the workshop of oriental garments in Sahel AL-Doo (Palmyra) in favour the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.

5:  Public and private schools

6:  Public and private hospital

7: Diseases of Syrian society

8:  Evaluation of Al-Thawra newspaper

9:  Quality of commodities and products

10:  Magazines and newspapers

 11:  Industrial and service questionnaires


1: Al-Ahlam Iland Tourist Resort in Bahrein.

2: A commercial complex in the center of Damascus.

3: A hotel and a restaurant 3 stars.

4: Haretna Restaurant in Damascus.

5: Two private universities.

6: Feasibility study and an authorization of a private bank.

7: A multipurpose gallery in a fair town.

8: Fuel stations.

9: An integrated, economical, social project in Qunaiterah (orphanage, restaurant, amusement park, dairy factory).

10: Private school in Lattakiah.

11: The study of retail market (malls) in Syria.

12: A tourist complex of four stars in Iraq.

13: A tourist complex of four stars ( motels, restaurant, swimming pools ) in the plain of Damascus countryside Sednaya.

14: Tow – star motel in the governorate of Lattakia.

15: Damascus governorate Sports and Social Club.

16: Commercial tower in Al – thorah street.

1: Producing variety pies with and without stuff, and biscuits with and without stuff automatically (mini croissant and corn sticks)

2: A project for producing olive oil + filtering and bottling. Projects of cow ranches and factories for manufacturing their products
Furat  for  filling water bottles sterilized by ozone Producing bottles of sweetened milk by natural honey & yogurt, tamarind and licorice

3: A project of a factory for producing grit
4: Project of sorting, preparation, storing fruits and vegetables.
5: Dairy production in Dair Al Zore.
6: Olive oil mill in Aleppo.

1: A factory for producing sacks of canvas and Jute.

2: A project for manufacturing poly-spinning cotton

3: A project for manufacturing underwear cotton clothes and ready-made clothes
Textiles of furniture , curtains and wedding clothes Manufacturing underwear clothes

4: Expansion of tricot factory.
5: Mixed wool and non-wool carpets in Aleppo Textile factory in Aleppo.

• Feasibility study for a project to manufacture carboxite
• Feasibility study for a domestic gas supply company in Saudi Arabia

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